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The CIC* at Rockingham Castle was our third event this season, this was a lovely new venue and I would definitely recommend it as an event.

My dressage was on Thursday afternoon and my show jumping and cross country not until Saturday so we stayed up there, this was during my study leave for my A levels so I had to spend some of my time revising in the lorry.

The event started off very well with what we thought was the best dressage test we had ever done however we were slightly disappointed with the marks, we were given 50.6 which put us in the top quarter as there were almost 80 starters.  

We did not do very well show jumping and again I think we just need practice jumping the bigger courses. However again the cross country was so good and Dinero made it seem like it was nothing and we finished clear inside the time.

For our second event this season we did the NRF at Keysoe, the day started off very well as we scored 24.6 in the intermediate dressage test, again he flew around the cross country making it seem so easy, this time we were

clear inside the time.

The commentator was saying that it looks like we're having a lot of fun. Unfortunately we did have two show jumps down which meant we were just outside of the qualifying places but it helped us realise that we just need some more show jumping practice at that height as neither Dinero or I have jumped many courses at that height.

We had planned on giving Dinero a bit of a break over June while I concentrated on my A levels and we were also going to take him out show jumping.

However a couple of days after Rockingham Castle Dinero started to appear unsound behind, we had the physiotherapy out to see him and then we took him to the vets to have various scans and x-rays, however they are still unsure about the cause of the lameness but it appears to come from the left hind. We have been advised to just walk him out for the foreseeable future.  

This was very frustrating and upsetting as I had planned to do my first intermediate in July as he had  been going so well this year.

This season started very well and Dinero was going better than ever. Dinero is a Black gelding by Dimaggio and he is owned jointly by Dr Patricia Milligan and myself.

We started the season with a novice run at Hambleden, here he had a good dressage and then show jumped very well but just had one unfortunate knock.

His cross country was amazing and there were a lot of questions that we had not come across before but he flew around, we had a few time penalties but that was because I did not want to push him too much at the first event.

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Hambleden novice 24/4/13 Laura competing at Chilham Castle

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